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  • Important Motorola News

    Important Motorola News

    As you are probably aware, Motorola have brought out upgrades to a number of their radios, due to this they have cancelled production of all the old generation radios. We can still supply some of these radios for now, however …More »
  • Walkie-Talkies Partnering Hytera

    Walkie-Talkies Partnering Hytera

    Walkie-Talkies is pleased to continue their ongoing partnership with Hytera into the future. Hytera have a lot planned going forward especially with their digital range of radios, so keep an eye on our news page for all the latest news …More »
  • New Vertex Standard Products Arriving Soon!!!!!

    New Vertex Standard Products Arriving Soon!!!!!

    Our Vertex business also continues to grow and The Vertex Standard team have been working hard on some great new products to sell. The new EVX-261 is an excellent low cost digital radio, full of features and utilising the new …More »
  • Hytera XPT System Serves Rio Olympic Village

    Hytera XPT System Serves Rio Olympic Village

    Hytera DMR based XPT Digital Trunking Systems have been installed and are up and running in the Rio Olympic Village. It is the only radio network that covers the entire Olympic Village. In the Olympic Village that is located in …More »
  • New Motorola Products

    New Motorola Products

    The new E Series radios, the DP4600e and the DP4601e are now live on the website to purchase! Here you can find all the features of these next generation radios, the models and options. The new series is tested to …More »
  • Motorola Product Cancellation

    Motorola Product Cancellation

    Motorola cancelled this product in May with the launch of the new e series radios. The MTR3000 was cancelled due to product end of life and the offering of the new SLR 8000 repeater. We are currently still able to …More »
  • New MotoTRBO SLR8000 Repeater

    New MotoTRBO SLR8000 Repeater

    Motorola has launched the new MOTOTRBO SLR 8000 repeater. Walkie-Talkies has been told that the launch packs will be released next week. In the meantime there are a number of resources already available to learn more about the product: • …More »
  • New Hytera PD985 coming soon..!!

    New Hytera PD985 coming soon..!!

    The Hytera PD705LT is to be discontinued. We do still have stock of the PD705LT in both UHF and VHF so place your orders now while stocks last. Hytera’s PD605 digital migration radio is in a perfect position to take …More »
  • Capacity Max Launch

    Capacity Max Launch

    Capacity Max has Launched The new MOTOTRBO Trunking System, Capacity Max has now launched. Overview Capacity Max is the brand new MOTOTRBO trunking system delivering a highly scalable, feature rich and secure solution. Powerful management tools offer complete system control …More »
  • Motorola New Products

    Motorola New Products

    Following Motorola’s release of their upgraded models they will be releasing the DP4600e and the DP4601e. These radios are scheduled for release in July and will be on the website and available to purchase as soon as they are released. …More »
  • New MotoTRBO R2 Firmware Upgrade

    New MotoTRBO R2 Firmware Upgrade

    Motorola has released the new R2.6 MOTOTRBO Firmware upgrade. This upgrade applies to: DM2000 and DM4000/e mobile series DP3441/e, SL4000/e, DP4000/e and DP4000 Ex Series portables DR3000, MTR3000, SLR5500 and SLR8000 repeaters The main features in this release are: • …More »
  • Motorola Capacity Max Launch

    Motorola Capacity Max Launch

    Capacity Max is Launching: 23rd May 2016 Motorola has announced today that Capacity Max will be launching next Monday, the 23rd of May, 2016. Walkie-Talkies believe pricing, launch packs and resources will be available from Monday but in the meantime, …More »
  • Motorola Update

    Motorola Update

    Motorola has today launched their next generation of MOTOTRBO products. These are the DP2000e Series, DP3441e, DP4000e Series, SL4000e Series and the DM4000e Series. These new radios are full of new features and enhancements: • Integrated Indoor Location Tracking Solution …More »
  • Zonith’s Telephone Interconnect

    Zonith’s Telephone Interconnect

    Zonith’s RBX is the most robust, reliable & easy to install telephone interconnect application on the market. Streamlining communication between phone and radios, RBX users can make & receive calls (private & groupcalls), directly dial 112 or 000, be in …More »
  • Motorola Update

    Motorola Update

    Next Generation Motorola Product Launch Motorola has just relayed information of their next generation of products. Popular MOTOTRBO Product Refresh Motorola have announced they are refreshing these products: The DP4000 Series: DP4400, DP4401, DP4600, DP4601, DP4800, DP4801 The DM4000 Series: …More »
  • Hytera Offers

    Hytera Offers

    Three offers to grow your business: 1. Buy 100 x PD6, PD7 or X series portable, get 1 x RD625 repeater free of charge. 2. Buy 100 x DMR series portable with GPS, get Smart Dispatch (basic version) free of …More »
  • Capacity Plus

    Capacity Plus

    Capacity Plus is a single-site, multi-channel system that adds capacity to your digital trunking solution. It only requires software upgrade to MOTOTRBO radios and repeaters without any additional central controller. Capacity Plus is compatible with all MOTOTRBO repeaters and each …More »
  • MOTOTRBO™ Network Application Interface (NAI)

    MOTOTRBO™ Network Application Interface (NAI)

    For more information on this please call us today.More »
  • MOTOTRBO™ Control Room Solutions Overview

    MOTOTRBO™ Control Room Solutions Overview

    To improve workforce productivity and operational effectiveness, you need to communicate with your employees and provide them with relevant information, virtually anywhere and at anytime. Fully integrated MOTOTRBO Control Room Solutions expand the functionality of your radio network with voice …More »
  • Zonith’s new Indoor and Outdoor Positioning Solution

    Zonith’s new Indoor and Outdoor Positioning Solution

    We are pleased to announce the release of Zonith’s new indoor & outdoor positioning solution for Bluetooth/GPS enabled devices. RTLS (Real-Time Location System) brings together all of your positioning needs on one easy-to-use web interface. By combining Bluetooth & GPS …More »
  • Two Way Radios or Mobile Phones

    Two Way Radios or Mobile Phones

    2 Way Radios or Mobile Phones? Is there a comparison? We quite often hear from prospective radio users that a Mobile phone could be an alternative solution to our Two Way Radios – but can mobile phone technology even with …More »
  • Motorola News

    Motorola News

    Motorola’s WAVE 3000 delivers instant and secure broadband push-to-talk (PTT) communication simultaneously across MOTOTRBO™ radio users and smartphone users for small to medium businesses. A WAVE solution enables organisations to build interoperable, highly extensible and flexible PTT communication networks that …More »
  • Hytera News

    Hytera News

    Hytera are delighted to announce that they will be releasing V2 of XPT which includes multisite XPT in the near future. Pricing is now available! As well as multisite, V2 provides several other great new features for XPT including telephony …More »
  • Digital Explained

    Digital Explained

    TWO DIGITAL RADIO SOLUTIONS a) FDMA stands for Frequency Division Multiple Access and is a channel access method used in one of the popular digital radio protocols, as per the illustration below : b) TDMA stands for Time Division Multiple …More »
  • A Guide To Range

    A Guide To Range

    Range is a very difficult thing to determine because it can be affected by a great many variables such as trees, buildings, terrain etc. This is because radio waves travel in straight lines, very similar to light waves and cannot …More »