Benefits of using two way radios on a construction site!

In construction, managing the health and safety across the site can be very challenging and it is important that these potential risks are acknowledged to help prevent any injury that may occur. It is crucial that construction workers are able to communicate, manage and remove any possible hazards through the use of an effective and reliable communication system.


Keeping all personnel on site informed on developments.

As construction sites are constantly changing as they are being developed it is important that all workers across the board are updated on any changes which have or may occur. With these changes risks may arise e.g. faulty equipment or dangerous areas. Which means it’s vital that they are made aware of them. By having a two way radio system, workers can instantly send a transmission to inform others and keep them updated.

Hands-free systems for personnel operating construction equipment.

Many two way radios have the option to have a hand-free function which will allow workers to communicate freely whilst using any dangerous equipment and machinery. These systems can also be attached to machinery e.g. cranes or forklifts so that anyone operating them can concentrate on their task and communicate to others simultaneously.

Clear and consistent communication in hectic and noisy environments.

Construction sites also have the challenge of attempting clear communication within and around loud and busy environments and machinery. It’s important that workers are aware of any hazards or instructions, otherwise it can put workers in danger. Two way radios provide clear and reliable communication regardless of environment. They can also be fitted with noise-cancelling headsets which will be able to suppress background noise and offer enhanced communication.

Some of the many benefits of using two way radios on a construction site include:

  1. Site control- managing health and safety 
  2. Maintenance- keeping updated on all developments
  3. Security- ability to alert workers instantly
  4. Crane control- hands free and easy to use 
  5. Cost effective- robust and rugged, will last longer than mobile phones

Want to discuss your sites requirements in more detail? Contact us now and one of our consultants will be able to help you find the perfect two way radio system suited to you!

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