Capacity Max Launch

Capacity Max has Launched

The new MOTOTRBO Trunking System, Capacity Max has now launched.


Capacity Max is the brand new MOTOTRBO trunking system delivering a highly scalable, feature rich and secure solution. Powerful management tools offer complete system control from a single workstation. The system can run in one of three modes including an ETSI DMR Tier III compliant operation, offering open standard technology that is globally supported. The system can also support third party infrastructure or products, offering companies the chance to experience MOTOTRBO’s Capacity Max without the need to purchase all new aspects.

Launch Packs
Motorola has released launch packs for Capacity Max, offering Dealers the chance to purchase a complete preconfigured trunking system at a reduced price. These are available for all Dealers to purchase. Please contact Walkie-Talkies if you would like a pack.

Capacity Max

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