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The difference between licenced and unlicenced radios.

Licence-Free Two Way Radios:

The benefits of having a licence free radio include having the ability to use them straight away. It’s just a matter of turning them on out of the box! 

Licence free radios are ideal for smaller sites, businesses or anyone who doesn’t need large areas of coverage.  Depending on the environment licence free radios should be able to provide enough coverage to support your needs, but this does vary significantly as radio waves travel line of sight.  This means the more obstacles in the way such as trees, buildings and hills the more your coverage will be reduced...    

The importance of integrating Two Way Radios into retail stores!

By incorporating two way radios into your stores communications your store will be provided a wide range of benefits to help the overall experience for customers and for your employees.

1 – Instant communications

2- Economical and dependable

3 - Increased security and safety

Find out more about these benefits by clicking read more below!

How two way radios from Walkie-Talkies literally proved a life saver & enabled us to run our group ski holiday, adding so much fun in the process!

In February a group of like-minded chaps from Beaconsfield Squash Club embarked on the annual ski holiday.  This year we increased the number from 8 to 12, a big ask in terms of organisation creating a situation one member termed as attempting to herd cats!  This is where our two way radios come into their own.  Each member of the group was handed a Pronto digital licensed free radio for their personal communications and given instructions on how to use them. 

We flew to Geneva and took our onward transfers to Meribel Mottaret, two minibuses on the transfer and the radios allowed us to be in constant contact on the two hour plus journey to the mountains.  On arrival at the hotel strict instructions for the following day were issued in true military fashion, including which channel to be tuned into first thing in the morning to allow for the seamless collection of 12 sets of skis and passes etc. The Pronto radios proved faultless!

Motorola Update

Next Generation Motorola Product Launch

Motorola has just relayed information of their next generation of products.

Popular MOTOTRBO Product Refresh

Motorola have announced they are refreshing these products:

The DP4000 Series: DP4400, DP4401, DP4600, DP4601, DP4800, DP4801
The DM4000 Series: DM4000, DM4401, DM4600, DM4601
The DP2000 Series: DP2400, DP2600
The DP3441
The SL4000 & SL4010

The newer versions of these products will now all be called the same product numbers but they will all have an ‘e’ on the end. This means the new products will be as follows:

The DP4000e Series: DP4400e, DP4401e, DP4600e, DP4601e, DP4800e, DP4801e
The DM4000e Series: DM4000e, DM4401e, DM4600e, DM4601e
The DP2000e Series: DP2400e, DP2600e
The DP3441e
The SL4000e & SL4010e

The Main New Features Are:

• Integrated Indoor Location Tracking Solution Capabilities – optional chargeable extra with licence key using integrated 4.0 Bluetooth. All models with a ‘1’ and the SL4000e series. A new application will support.
• Integrated Accelerometers – optional chargeable extra of man down capabilities with licence key for DP4401e/4601e/4801e/3441e, SL4000e/4010e
• Improved GPS Positioning – using GNSS in DM4401e/4601e, DP4401e/4601e/4801e/3441e
• Wifi Radio Update – in all new products apart from DP2000e series, a licence must be purchased to activate capability. Enhances future capabilities & application connectivity. With new Radio Management firmware remote software updates can be conducted meaning a central update location can be achieved.
• Increased Memory – storage capacity has been doubled
• Up to 8% Longer Talk Range – DP2000e, DP4000e & DP3441e
• Up to 16% Coverage Increase – DP2000e, DP4000e & DP3441e
• SL4000e Series – Higher power mode at 3 watts, gains further reach & efficiency
• Extended Battery Life – new low voltage battery technology offers the DP4000e & DP2000e series up to 27 hours battery life
• Increased Battery Portfolio – including an IMPRES battery for the DP3441e
• New Vibrate Alert – DP2000e & DP4000e series using special battery & belt clip
• IP rating improvement – in DP2000e (IP55-IP67), DP4000e (IP57-IP68) & Dp3441e (IP67-IP68) series.
• Improved Hazloc Portfolio – New DP2000e hazloc radios & improved certification on the DP4000e series

Motorola are looking to have these available on the market from early May.

The New SLR8000 Repeater

Motorola have announced they are due to launch a next generation repeater, the SLR8000. The repeater is expected to replace the current MTR 3000 repeater and is currently on schedule to launch in June or July, 2016.

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