New MotoTRBO R2 Firmware Upgrade

Motorola has released the new R2.6 MOTOTRBO Firmware upgrade. This upgrade applies to:

DM2000 and DM4000/e mobile series
DP3441/e, SL4000/e, DP4000/e and DP4000 Ex Series portables
DR3000, MTR3000, SLR5500 and SLR8000 repeaters
The main features in this release are:

• Support for Motorola’s new E Series radios and their features
• Support for MOTOTRBO’s new trunking system, Capacity Max.
• Indoor Location Tracking
• SLR8000 Repeater support – launching soon
• Radio Management 2.0 used to configure all MOTOTRBO system products
• Wifi programming and Upgrade

For more details contact us directly.

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