Radio Procedure!

1) Re-adjust your radio to the correct channel and a comfortable volume.

2) Always listen to every radio broadcast, it could be for you.

3) Do not cut into other radio users conversations, listen before you speak.

4) In case of emergency keep the airwaves clear for priority messages online.

5) Operators should gain radio users attention by saying "HELLO" at the start of every.

message. Press transmit button, pause, then say "HELLO..."

6) Proceed with the name of the person you are calling and on busy networks repeat the name - e.g. "Hello Steve Morris... Steve Morris"

7) Remember to say who you are - e.g. "This is John Wood..."

8) On hearing no reply, repeat message. If there is still no reply...

9) Continue with "Nothing heard out"

10) Every broadcast that requires a response should end with "OVER", if a broadcast requires no response at the end say "OUT". Either or, not "OVER and OUT"

11) Do not block the airways with long conversation, think before you speak and have regular breaks.

12) Understand how your radio works and its functions.

13) Remember that the antenna is not a carry handle, nor is it edible!

14) Ensure you are fully conversant with these simple radio procedures and your radio system will be far more effective.


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