The importance of integrating two way radios into retail stores!

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The Pronto P-9510D is the all NEW, high tier digital Keypad radio and the latest to enter the fabulous Pronto range. Packed with features it retains its robustness but adds a higher level of adaptively when more advanced facilities are required.  Full keypad and colour LED screen offer simple user friendly access with Radio to Radio TEXT messaging, Selective calling and caller identification.  It retains all of the superior sound quality features found on the P-9500D along with lone worker and stun/kill to mention but a few. For more information regarding this radio please call us.

Walkie-talkies Christmas Holiday Opening Hours!

Monday 23rd December: 9am - 5:30pm.

Christmas Eve: 9am - 1pm.

Christmas Day - Wednesday 1st January: Closed.

Thursday 2nd January: 9am - 5:30pm.

With Christmas time approaching the Walkie-Talkies team would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We have had such a brilliant 2019 and are looking forward to even better 2020! We hope to have your continued custom and support in the year to come!

The last day to place an order before Christmas will be Monday 23rd December 2019. Any orders placed after this date will be despatched on January 2nd 2020.

If you require further information, please contact us now!

Benefits of using two way radios on a construction site!

In construction, managing the health and safety across the site can be very challenging and it is important that these potential risks are acknowledged to help prevent any injury that may occur. It is crucial that construction workers are able to communicate, manage and remove any possible hazards through the use of an effective and reliable communication system...


The importance of integrating two way radios into retail stores!

By incorporating two way radios into your stores communications your store will be provided a wide range of benefits to help the overall experience for customers and for your employees.

1 – Instant communications

2- Economical and dependable

3 - Increased security and safety

To begin with you will have instant communications, allowing you and your employees to connect from all areas of your store and stock room. As there is a need for fast, effective and dependable communication systems, our two way radios will provide you high quality reception and amplified range that will work within any retail site. By having instant communications your response time will be quicker therefore will increase your stores productivity.

In comparison to many communications systems such as mobile phones, two way radios are significantly cheaper as well as much more robust and harder to damage. Dependent on the size of the store and its infrastructure, different additional accessories and user modes can increase production. For example, multi-channel radios can be programmed if there is a need for several groups to be connected permitting for separate communication channels to enable privacy for the employees.

Two way radios provide improved safety and security which will allow your security team to respond quickly to any concerns such as shoplifting, customer commotions and accidents! Your management teams will be able to alert others instantly and increasing the safety amongst staff and customers.

If you wish to find out which radios will be ideal for you and your business please give us a call today to discuss!

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