Two Way Radios or Mobile Phones

2 Way Radios or Mobile Phones?

Is there a comparison?

We quite often hear from prospective radio users that a Mobile phone could be an alternative solution to our Two Way Radios – but can mobile phone technology even with the push to talk functionality compare a mobile phone to a quality, reliable two way radio system?

The answer is most definitely no way!

Before looking into, and worse committing to what may seem at the time a glossy solution make sure you consider the following mobile shortfalls. These are just a few of the issues we regularly come up against the are many more.

  1. Walkie talkie two way radios work on an open user group which means a simple call will be transmitted to everyone on that channel. This makes them superbly suited to emergency situations, there is no need to dial numerous numbers to alert multi users in an emergency. Push the button, speak and all users on the channel will hear you instantaneously! All users are kept abreast of the conversations going on.
  2. Two way radios can be setup to selectively call (Selcall) each other as well as make open user group calls. When you order our radio system we can advise of the extensive options available and program the radio system accordingly – Selective calling radios can also show the caller identity in their screens.
  3. The beauty of Two way radios is their ease of use – simply push to talk little or no training is required although we suggest basic voice procedure training worthwhile !
  4. Mobile telephones suffer from poor coverage and blind spots in certain areas making them inoperable. We design your two way radio system to offer quality, saturated coverage of your required areas of operation.
  5. In the event of an emergency situation taking place you have total control of your radio system. The Mobile telephone networks may be damaged and fail, access can be denied or they can simply become overloaded and unusable.
  6. Two Way Radios can have many additional professional applications added. As an example Telephone interconnect, Link your walkie talkies into your telephone system allowing you to speak two way radio to any telephone and vice versa. Man-down, loan-worker or GPS location means you can be alerted if a user falls or fails to acknowledge a predetermined alarm and be advised of their exact location.
  7. As a business specific solution – Two way radios can have any number of professional accessories connected to them for use in high noise environments, with breathing apparatus or wireless earpieces to mention a few. This provides total flexibility for the business when integrating your two way radio system with your workforce.
  8. ATEX or intrinsically safe Two way radios are available for use in high risk areas. ATEX radios are specifically designed and certified for use in these environments. Explosive atmospheres can be caused by flammable gases, mists or vapours or by combustible dusts. The correct grade of ATEX walkie talkie must be selected for safe transmission within these areas.
  9. Our unique range of Two way radios can be hired (no mobile phone contract) on a short or longterm basis. There is no connection charges time delays or messy SIM cards to contend with. Simply remove the radio from the box and start communicating instantly with no additional call chargers.
  10. Two way radios are significantly more robust than mobile telephones and designed for arduous professional environments – We also offer and extensive and flexible maintenance solutions to ensure your equipment is kept in a business ready state 100% of the time.

To conclude Two way radios are feature rich, designed for business and consumer use and flexible enough to operate with a host of accessories to personalise the system. They have no lengthy & costly contracts allow rapid communications from one user to hundred at the simple press of a button. In emergencies you have total control of your chosen network.


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