Why are two way radios so useful in schools?

We have been asked this question so many times over the years, we thought we would give you some answers from over 2,000 schools that currently use our radios in the UK.

Here are six of the most common reason schools purchase a radios system from walkie-talkies.com:

  • Instant communications over a school site no matter the size – No time consuming dialing is required a simple single push of the button is all that is required
  • Open user group communications – The message can if you like be heard by all parties on their radios ensuring the whole team are in the loop for faster reaction times
  • Selective calling – call an individual without alerting other users for a private conversation or call a preselected group
  • Radio to radio text messaging – ideal for exam invigilators or teaching staff where subtle communications are a necessity
  • Lock down procedure – rapid initiation in the event of an emergency taking place allowing for constant all person updates by management
  • Linking to a building management system – receive automated fire or building alerts directly to your radio system, speeds up responses and allows staff to arrive on the scene knowing what to expect

Of course two way radio communications have many more benefits than listed and there are three basic options, licensed free for small sites, licenced for larger site and our amazing Pronto exPRESS if you need wide area coverage that could extend the length of the country if required.  Unlimited radio communications from the experts! 


We believe the best two way radios for school communications include:

The Pronto P-4460 Licence Free Radio

The Pronto P-9500D Digital Radio

The Pronto P-9600D Digital Portable Radio

To find out more about these radios please click links above or give us a call on 01494 853799!

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