Why your business should switch to digital communications!

More and more businesses are switching out their current analogue walkie-talkies to digital, this is because digital communications have more benefits and advantages in their use. Here are a few key reasons why:

  • Range and signal - By using digital you have to opportunity to have an increased range and signal strength. Providing you with better and clearer coverage. This is due to digital being less prone to any interference with its signal from different factors e.g. terrain, other transmissions or built up areas.
  • Battery life - Digital walkie-talkies have a longer battery life due to their technology. This is a benefit to those who use their walkie-talkies consistently and rely on their communications for a smooth running of their business.
  • Compatibility - Most digital will also be compatible with both analogue and digital. This is ideal any business who has invested in analogue communications but would like to make the change over to digital as you can begin to incorporate digital over time into their operations. Which means no large investment into digital is needed immediately.
  • GPS - GPS tracking is being used more and more in digital walkie-talkies which is an ideal feature for large businesses wanting to manage and keep track of their fleet and employees. This is a great safety feature as you can monitor where your team is in emergency situations.
  • Text messaging - The more advanced digital walkie-talkies provide the feature of text messaging, this is ideal for those working in noisy environments or who need to discreetly share sensitive information.

Our most recommended digital walkie-talkies include:

At walkie-talkies we are always trying to provide customers with the top tier of digital two way radio communications, if you have any further questions about our digital radio range or want to discuss which type of radio is perfect for your business give us a call today on 01494 853799 or email us at info@walkie-talkies.com!

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