Zonith’s new Indoor and Outdoor Positioning Solution

We are pleased to announce the release of Zonith’s new indoor & outdoor positioning solution for Bluetooth/GPS enabled devices. RTLS (Real-Time Location System) brings together all of your positioning needs on one easy-to-use web interface.

By combining Bluetooth & GPS technology staff can be located from any position in or around the facility.

Indoor Illustration

Indoor Positioning
Locate employees indoors using any always discoverable Bluetooth device, including DMR/TETRA radios, Android phones, WiFi/DECT phones and bluetooth tags. As the device pairs & un-pairs with Bluetooth beacons, our RTLS provides real-time location data.

Outdoor Illustration

Outdoor Positioning
The RTLS tracks employees outdoors via their GPS-enabled device. Regularly transmitting current positions via GPS satellites, the RTLS displays a user’s current location on Open Street Maps and monitors entry/exit points via customisable geo-fenced zones.

Safety Illustration

Worker Safety Alarms Enhanced with Location Data

When used in conjunction with Zonith’s Alarm Control System (ACS) or lone worker applications like Man Down Notifier (MDN) and Centralised Lone Worker (CLW), response teams are automatically notified of the location of the distressed employee via audio or text on the device they are carrying.


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