Kenwood - TKR751 / 851 Repeater
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Kenwood - TKR751 / 851 Repeater

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The TKR-851's high stability 1.5PPM (2PPM for TKR-751) TCXO modules, 100% duty RF power amplifier (25W output), integrated die-cast heat sink and forced-air cooling provide site-friendly, continuous operation. The TKR-751 has a high power output of 50W (at 50% duty) while the TKR-851 offers 40W (at 50% duty).

Repeaters can function as a base station or repeater backup unit to suit various applications. The built-in 16 channels are preset and selectable from a remote control utilizing the remote I/O connector or pre-programmed key on the front panel. The programmable function (PF) keys located on the front panel permit adjustment and testing of repeater sites. In addition, single priority scan is available when the unit is operating in simplex mode.

For QT/DQT groups sharing the same RF signal range, DSP processing allows up to 16 QT/DQT signal variations to be processed simultaneously via the multi-decode function. Two decode tables (main/sub) are available to facilitate the setup of channels to different multi-decode ranges.

A built-in compander contributes to improved audio when operating as a simplex base station. A wide/narrow setting is available for each channel

Flash memory permits updates, advanced feature sets and system architectural changes to be made electronically without ever opening the unit. This means faster modifications for system operators and less downtime for users.

The 2-digit numeric LED on the front panel displays channel number and operational status information, such as an "unlocked" error.

Features include:

  • 5-Tone Signalling
  • 2-Character Alphanumeric Channel Designator
  • 16 Channels

Package Includes

  • Radio

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